J. Bryan Marcus

The collected works of a previously undiscovered artistic polypheme.

Numerous reports have surfaced regarding unearthed song manuscripts from seemingly-random locations worldwide. The attribution of each of these pieces is to a one "J. Bryan Marcus."

Like Shakespeare and Bach who came before, experts seem to be fuzzy on the precise origin story of these works, and even fuzzier on precisely who this J. Bryan Marcus was. What musicologists around the globe do agree on is that these songs *must* be played and shared far and wide.

With this as our charter, our desideratum if you will, we declare that this previously concealed artist shall wallow in the obscurity of time no more. Henceforth, the discovered works of JBM, along with their modern interpretations, shall be inventoried and cataloged here.

inquiries: biz@jbryanmarcus.com

(c) j. bryan marcus 2019

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